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Knots Landing - TV Photo - #1

Product #: 37516
Year: 1979
Type: Photos / Stills
Attributes: Original
Sides: 1-sided
Size: 6.75 x 8.75

"THE RESIDENTS OF KNOTS LANDING DEAL WITH VARIOUS ISSUES SUCH AS INFIDELITY, HEALTH SCARES, RAPE, MURDER, KIDNAPPING, ASSASSINATIONS, DRUG SMUGGLING, CORPORATE INTRIGUE AND CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS. EVERYTHING A COMMUNITY NEEDS!" Here is an original glossy photo from the popular smash hit TV show - "KNOTS LANDING". This photo is a great publicity still of DON MURRAY and MICHELE LEE that CBS TV used to promote the show. This photo is from 1979 and is in VG to near mint condition. One small 'dog ear' crease in the top left. It measures 6.75 x 8.75 inches. It has been stored in a dry, smoke-free home. Great item for 70's & 80's TV collectors and particularly, "KNOTS LANDING" fans!
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Movie Details

Genre(s): Adultery / Infidelity Blockbuster California Divorce Family Spinoff TV Show
Actor(s): Michele Lee as Karen MacKenzie
Ted Shackelford as Gary Ewing
Joan Van Ark as Valene Ewing
Kevin Dobson as M. 'Mack' Patrick MacKenzie
William Devane as Gregory Sumner
Donna Mills as Abby Ewing
Nicollette Sheridan as Paige Matheson
Julie Harris as Lilimae Clements
Lisa Hartman as Cathy Geary
Michelle Phillips as Anne Matheson
Alec Baldwin as Joshua Rush
Don Murray as Sid Fairgate
Director(s): Nicholas Sgarro
Lorraine Senna
Joseph L. Scanlan
Nick Havinga
Jerome Courtland
Robert Becker
Alexander Singer
Larry Elikann
Lawrence Kasha
Bill Duke
Kate Tilley
Kevin Dobson
Michele Lee
Kim Friedman
David Jacobs
Joseph B. Wallenstein
Ernest Pintoff
Jeff Bleckner
John Pleshette
Joe Coppoletta
Edward Parone
Harvey S. Laidman
William Devane
Henry Levin
Roger Young
Roy Campanella II
Linda Day
David Paulsen
Timna Ranon
Michael Preece
Andre R. Guttfreund
Menachem Binetski
James Sheldon
Gabrielle Beaumont
Sheldon Larry
Beth Brickell
Anita W. Addison
Neal Ahern Jr.
Michael Lange
Reza Badiyi
Joan Van Ark
Peter Levin
David Moessinger
Joseph Manduke
Randa Haines
John Patterson
Arthur Allan Seidelman
Paul Tucker
Robert Scheerer
Peter Ellis
Michael Peters
Nancy Malone
Craig Denault
Robert Lewis
Charles Siebert
Victor Lobl
Writer(s): David Jacobs (created by) (344 episodes, 1979-1993)
Bernard Lechowick (written by) (43 episodes, 1985-1991)
Lynn Marie Latham (written by) (40 episodes, 1985-1991)
James Stanley (written by) (25 episodes, 1988-1993)
Diane Messina Stanley (written by) (20 episodes, 1986-1991)
Diana Gould (written by) (12 episodes, 1980-1983)
Rob Gilmer (written by) (10 episodes, 1980-1981)
Richard Gollance (written by) (10 episodes, 1982-1985)
Joel J. Feigenbaum (written by) (9 episodes, 1983-1987)
Parke Perine (written by) (9 episodes, 1985-1990)
James Magnuson (written by) (9 episodes, 1991-1993)
John Pleshette (written by) (8 episodes, 1980-1982)
Lawrence Kasha (written by) (8 episodes, 1986-1990)
Ann Marcus (written by) (7 episodes, 1981-1993)
Scott Hamner (written by) (7 episodes, 1982-1991)
Lisa Seidman (written by) (7 episodes, 1992-1993)
David Paulsen (written by) (6 episodes, 1981-1986)
Diana Kopald Marcus (written by) (6 episodes, 1984-1986)
Lou Messina (written by) (6 episodes, 1986-1988)
Donald Marcus (written by) (6 episodes, 1991-1993)
Sara Ann Friedman (written by) (5 episodes, 1981-1986)
Peter Dunne (written by) (5 episodes, 1983-1985)
Alan Goldfein (written by) (5 episodes, 1984-1988)
Joyce Keener (written by) (5 episodes, 1984-1985)
Chuck Bulot (written by) (5 episodes, 1988-1990)
M.J. Cody (written by) (5 episodes, 1988-1990)
Ray Goldstone (written by) (4 episodes, 1982-1993)
Michael Filerman (written by) (4 episodes, 1983-1987)
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Michael L. Grace (written by) (2 episodes, 1983)
Michael Petryni (written by) (2 episodes, 1983)
Kathleen A. Shelley (written by) (2 episodes, 1983)
Neal Bell (written by) (2 episodes, 1985)
Roberto Loiederman (written by) (2 episodes, 1985)
Melanie Mintz (written by) (2 episodes, 1985)
Tom Citrano (written by) (2 episodes, 1986)
Don Mueller (written by) (2 episodes, 1988-1993)
Claudia Adams (written by) (1 episode, 1980)
Calvin Clements Jr. (written by) (1 episode, 1980)
Rena Down (written by) (1 episode, 1980)
Elizabeth Pizer (written by) (1 episode, 1980)
Jack Turley (written by) (1 episode, 1980)
Rogers Turrentine (written by) (1 episode, 1980)
Clyde Ware (written by) (1 episode, 1980)
Loraine Despres (written by) (1 episode, 1981)
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Jeff Cohn (written by) (1 episode, 1982)
Daniel Jay Franklin (written by) (1 episode, 1982)
Patricia Green (written by) (1 episode, 1982)
Robert Bielak (written by) (1 episode, 1983)
Jeff Freilich (written by) (1 episode, 1983)
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Joel Steiger (written by) (1 episode, 1983)
Kevin Alexander (written by) (1 episode, 1984)
Susan Goldberg (written by) (1 episode, 1984)
Angelo Pizzo (written by) (1 episode, 1984)
John Saffron (written by) (1 episode, 1984)
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Loren Reichman (written by) (1 episode, 1985)
Michael Russnow (written by) (1 episode, 1985)
E. Jeffrey Smith (written by) (1 episode, 1985)
Sandra Smith Allyn (written by) (1 episode, 1986)
Linda Salzman (written by) (1 episode, 1986)
Sally Sussman Morina (written by) (1 episode, 1986)
Erica Byrne (written by) (1 episode, 1987)
David Marlow (written by) (1 episode, 1987)
Robert Porter (written by) (1 episode, 1988)
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Tricia Brock (written by) (1 episode, 1992)
Suzanne Childs (written by) (1 episode, 1992)
Henry Stern (written by) (1 episode, 1992)
Howard Lakin (written by) (1 episode, 1993)



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